Stay-at-Home Moms Feed Thousands

Stay-at-home moms are changing the world, one lunch at a time.

I’ve been packing Dan’s lunch for over 10 years now (roughly 2,600 lunches, but who’s counting).  During residency, it was more than just a lunch, a large sack we nicknamed “El Doble” (“L”unch, “D”inner, “B”reakfast…it makes sense if you’re tired and a bit goofy, which describes us pretty well during residency).

He was reading John the other day during his quiet time, and he had a sweet sentiment to share with me.  I thought I’d pass it along.

He’d read the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000, and in John’s gospel, it mentions that the food came from a boy who had 5 loaves and two fish (John 6:5-15).  Dan recognized that someone packed him this lunch.  Somebody just like me.  And look what Jesus did with it.

Dan knows how to make me feel special.  And the next time I packed his lunch, you can bet I did it with a more joyful heart.

Because Jesus can use it to feed 5,000 more.

We stay-at-home moms do a lot of thankless, repetitive tasks.  And we don’t see much benefit other than the spouse who gets fed for one meal or the kid who stinks a little less because they are wearing a clean diaper.

But out in the world, lots of people are getting fed because of our work.

As a doctor, Dan is feeding the masses daily.  He sees 20 some patients each day, and the meal I make him gives him the energy to treat them well.  When I plan a balanced lunch for him, I’m helping him think clearly to solve the difficult problems people are facing.  When I give him a special treat, like a homemade cookie, I’m helping him relax a little, amidst the stresses of helping broken people with life threatening problems.

That little box never seemed so special before.

Who is Jesus feeding because of your small service today?