How to Make a Blog

Even if you don’t have a lot of web design skills, you can make a simple blog.  With programs like Blogger, almost anyone can blog.  Below, you’ll find my 7 steps to creating a simple blog with Blogger.

1. Starting Out

Go to Choose the option to “create a blog right now.”  They claim that you can create a blog in “3 easy steps.”  I’m going to give you a couple more steps, but yes, it’s pretty simple.


2. Creating an Account

Blogger requires that you have a Google account.  If you have a Gmail account, this works.  You can either sign up for a new account, or you can register using your pre-existing Google account.  Log-in by clicking “Sign-in first” in the top right hand corner.  This skips the “create an account” step.If you don’t have a Google account, create one now.  Give a working e-mail address and a password that you’ll remember.  You’ll be typing those in each time you log into your blog to make changes.

Your display name is important because that will be the name that everyone will see for you.



3. Name your blog

This is different than your user name.  Choose something that describes what your blog is about.  Be creative, but don’t pick something you’re going to hate eventually.  You’ll be sticking with this name for a long time.   



4. Choose a template

There’s a large list of templates to choose.  Find one that suits your audience and writing style.  Click in the bubble below the one that you want and click “continue.”


5. Writing your first entry

The site will generate your blog for you and bring you to this screen, which is where you do the behind the scenes work on your blog.This section is organized according to the tabs at the top of the screen: “posting,” “settings,” “template,” and “view blog.”

The “posting” tab is the one highlighted in this image.  Give your first blog entry a title and write the text of your entry in the bottom box.  You can also choose to post a specific date and time, as well as whether you want to enable your viewers to post comments to your statements.

The bottom orange button “publish post,” will upload your new entry to your blog.  If you want to work on the entry for a while, click the “Save as Draft” button to continue working on it at a later time.


6. Publishing your BlogTo post any changes that you make to the blog, click the “posting” tab and click the bottom right button “publish entire blog.”


“View Blog” will open the blog for you to see it in the published version that your readers will see.

7. Adjusting the Template

The only slightly tricky part of this process is making any changes to the pre-formatted template.The changes require a basic knowledge of HTML or a careful reading of instructions that you can access when you view your posted blog.

After you publish your blog and view it, you might notice areas of the blog that are blank and need text to fill them, such as links or header bars.  By clicking on these areas, you will get instructions about where to look in the template html to make the changes.

You can access the template html by clicking on the “template” tab.


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