Blogging 101

Do you want to learn more about blogs and blogging? 

Perhaps you want to learn how to find blogs.  Or maybe, you already read a couple of blogs, and you’d like to learn some ways to save time and get updates when new posts are available.  You might even be considering creating a blog of your own.

I find myself teaching people about blogs all the time, whether it’s at writer’s conferences or just answering my student’s questions on the topic.  It seems like this is a big topic of interest for a lot of people. 

Since I’ve been learning a lot about it lately, I thought I’d share some of my own basic knowledge about the blogging world with you.  Below, you’ll find links to pages that I’ve written with how-to instructructions about blogging.  Stay tuned for more.

How to Create a Basic Blog in Blogger

How to Use Google Reader

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