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I typically have a large pile of books that I’m reading at any given moment.  Because I cycle through so many of them, they are changing every day.  However, I’ll try to keep this list updated with ones that I’ve been reading in the last month or so.  These are books that are on my mind and are influencing me a lot these days.

Click here to visit my current reading list.

Click here to visit my list of many books that I’ve read, especially recently. I also include some reviews, with more to come when I have time to kill.

Click here to visit my top 10 books.

Click here to visit my favorite books on the topic of writing.

I occasionally write about reading.  Click here to read my posts on the topic of reading.

Click here to read my book reviews.

Where are there so many different books on my reading list?  Click here to read about my unique reading philosophy.

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