Lizzy has a new favorite word. And it’s not a pretty one. She points at something and says, rather loudly: “WANT!”

It took me awhile to figure out what she was saying. Her enunciation is a little lacking, but I give her a break, since she’s only 14 months old. It sounds a lot like how she says “WALK” and “WATER.” So, until I figured it out, I was constantly handing her a sippy cup and taking her outside a lot. She probably didn’t mind.

But she says it ALL THE TIME. At the dinner table, she sees different, more appealing food on my plate. *point, point* “WANT!” When we’re at the grocery store, and a toy or a fun looking breakable object is just out of reach, “WANT!” Or, if we’re sitting in the living room, and I’m reading a book that looks more exiting than her books, despite me showing her that mine has no pictures, “WANT!”

You get the idea.

I couldn’t figure out where she learned the word. It isn’t like I was trying to teach it to her.

But I started hearing myself say “want.” And I say it a lot.

I say it when I read the Sunday ads, “WANT!” And I say it when I’m at the grocery store, planning on making something for dinner “WANT!”

By example, I’ve taught her that this is an important word.

She’s quite the mirror into my heart. As she parrots my words and behaviors, I see a not-so-ideal version of myself.

Contentment has been a big theme for me lately. It’s a way God is growing me. But I am constantly reminded how far I am from reaching this goal.

The righteous has enough to satisfy his appetite, but the belly of the wicked suffers “WANT!”. (Proverbs 13:12) (Emphasis my own)

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  1. This sounds just like my 8 month old. We’ve been teaching him a few sign words, and he’s starting to pick up on them. Right now, though, everything he motions to now looks like the sign for ‘milk’. Hello, Goodbye, Up – it all looks like Milk. So, just in case, I feed him. I can’t tell if I’m actually satisfying a need, or teaching him that milk is a reward for his efforts. 🙂 Kids are confusing, aren’t they?

    AL: That’s hilarious! I completely understand! Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Parenting certainly is an adventure, isn’t it?

  2. Why do we always want more and more? Something to think about. Thanks.

    AL: I don’t know! I’d like to blame advertising, but I’m sure it has more to do with my own heart. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing!

  3. Having a new house always ramps up my want meter. How is it going with you?

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