God is in Control

I had a minor freak out today. It could have become a major one. But I got some help at just the right time.

We’re in the middle of refinancing our home, which is a little stressful, but nothing compared to the anxiety I experienced when I was pregnant and purchasing the home in the first place (if at all possible do NOT purchase a home when 8 months pregnant).

But today, we hit a little bump in the road in the process. And I had a mini freak out, said some words in front of Lizzy that I hope she never repeats, and paced around the kitchen in a frenzy. Chocolate was sought out.

But then, a still, small voice came into the midst of my fury: “God is in control.”

Typically, at that point in the process, I’m still in the “escalating stage,” where I whip myself up into a tizzy and keep going over the scenario, eat some more chocolate, do some more pacing, and perhaps throw a few things.

So imagine my surprise when I got stopped in the middle of my tracks with such a little statement. Nothing new. I’ve heard the Twila Paris song by that name about a billion times and can sing all the lyrics. And no, it wasn’t Twila’s voice singing to me at that moment. But it came immediately to mind (check out the very odd music video for the song with random ballet dancers prancing around).

God’s sovereignty is something I know in my head, but I have a hard time making the ancient, academic sounding word hit my heart like “God is in control.”

I was shocked into a new train of thought. A more productive one. A biblical one.

Sure, my plans might have been thwarted. But it didn’t matter. God is in control. And he knows the outcome. He has a plan. And he is an even better planner than I am. And I’m a pretty good planner.

And I had peace.

Dan is reading this right now with a slack jaw because he’s witnessed my full scale freak outs and knows that the escalation period can take a long time, before I finally start winding down.

Such a simple phrase. Such a simple truth. And how quickly I forget these truths about God.

I can’t promise that the next time I get bad news or have my plans challenged, I’ll start singing the song and feel better.

But something happened today. I gained a deep truth, just when I needed it. And the Truth set me free.

Are you facing a setback right now? Are you worrying about it, losing sleep, eating too much chocolate, saying bad words in front of your kids?

God is in control. You’re not. Let him run the show. He knew about the setback long before it happened. It’s part of his plan. Let him show you his bigger, better plan. Stand back and be amazed as he works it out for your good and his glory.


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  1. I always am amazed how God uses imperfect people to be teachers for Him. But if He used only perfect believers, this article would not have been written. At best, you would have smiled and said, “God is good and everything is great.”

  2. I have no idea what situation you were facing but I will testify to the eternal truth that “all things work together…” and you know the rest. The situations that had me so scared/sad/angry have so often been a course correction/road block that set on motion dancing-with-joy-whew -that -was -close retrospective consideration.

    (my first thought when I saw your post subject was a pregnancy announcement was upcoming btw).

  3. Amy- So needed this today! Back to school BBQ is tonight and God has worked all things out for good, BUT not in my timing! Thanks! Miss you guys!

  4. Wonderfully wise reminder Amy! btw, I really like your blog template 🙂

    AL: I’ll take that as a high compliment from a “blog servant.” I have to share with everyone here how awesome it is that when you were offered the job of blog master, you decided the title “blog servant” would more reflect your role as a Christian in that position.

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