Good News

Did you hear the news? Osama Bin Laden is dead!

What? Hear that one already? Or are you just sick of the topic and ready to move on?

I joined much of America over a week ago, Sunday night, hanging on the president’s words, as he announced the successful operation to take out our country’s enemy number one. The next week, I talked with neighbors and people at the grocery store about the news. There was a general buzz about it, and it’s all anyone could talk about.

But a week later, I’m not hearing much.

My theory is that we’re such news junkies, we don’t have long attention spans for news that is more than a couple days old. It’s old news at that point, and we’re ready for a new rush of information.

Did you know that the word “gospel” means “good news”?

I was thinking about this, as I listened to people, last week, eagerly share and discuss the good news of Bin Laden’s death with complete strangers. It was at the tip of everyone’s tongue.

We Christians have some really good news to share. It’s better than a bad man dying. It’s about a good man dying, a God/man dying, and then the miracle of his return to life three days later. It’s about his ability to live forever, but not only that, his power to make anyone live forever with him. And better yet, it’s free.

That’s good news. No, that’s THE good news. That’s the gospel.

But it’s old news. Really old news. Ancient news.

And we’re not buzzing about it anymore.

I’m sure that after the formerly dead Jesus showed up to more than 500 people, they buzzed about it for awhile. But then, it became old news. (But I’m betting it lasted a little longer back then, without our Digital Age attention spans).

Last week, I had no qualms about chatting with the woman in front of me in line at the grocery store, about the good news of a bad man’s death. And others eagerly joined us.

So what in the world is keeping me from discussing The Good News with those same people? Why isn’t there a buzz?

Yeah, a really bad man died. It’s good news. But a God/Man died and came back. That’s The Good News.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! God/man died and came back to life 3 days later! And 2000 years later, he’s still alive! You can join him for free!

It’s not new news. But it’s the best news.

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  1. Great post Amy. A wonderful reminder of THE GOOD NEWS of JESUS. Thanks for the challenge to spread the good news.

  2. Loved this!! Thanks for linking it to FB!

  3. Well said, Amy.

  4. And Heaven is real!
    I never get tired thinking about that!

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