Making Peace with the Rain

I live in Washington. And what’s the number one thing people complain about around here? The rain.

I’m not exempt from this, by the way. But today, I caught myself griping about the weather in front of Lizzy, and I realized that I’m creating yet another Washingtonian who will never be content with the weather here (except in July, August, and September…when it’s fabulous…I dare you to find better weather anywhere). And I want Lizzy to be content with her circumstances, which include the inevitable rain.

I went out shopping today, and it was POURING rain all day. (It rains here a lot, but it’s not the same rain you’ll find other places. It tends to drizzle off and on all day for months at a time.) For our outing today, Lizzy and I had many challenges getting from the car to the store and staying dry. We also had one diaper change that needed to take place on the front seat of the car, meaning I had to stand in the rain to do it. Lizzy stayed dry, but her mommy didn’t.

Everyone I spoke with was harping on the weather. “Can you believe this rain?” or “I’m so sick of this weather” or “The weather report depresses me.” I overheard some lovely conversations about ruined plans and wanting to get away from this place.

And I found myself complaining to the cashier at the grocery store, too.

But when we got home, after I complained the whole drive home about the annoying rain that was impossible to set my wipers to (too fast, then too slow), Lizzy started hinting that it was time for her daily walk. The kid gets downright cranky if she doesn’t go out for a walk each day, even if we’ve been out running errands for a long time.

And it was still pouring. But Lizzy would have none of my excuses. So I put our coats on, strapped Lizzy to my chest, and got out our big umbrella.

You should have seen Lizzy’s eyes. They were wide with wonder as the big drops of ran splatted all over the umbrella, creating a pleasant thump, thump. The storm drains were full, so we walked through streams of water, splash splash. Pink petals fell off the trees and were flowing down the street in a pink polka dotted river. Cars drove by and sent sprays of water into the air.

Lizzy doesn’t complain that it’s raining out. She finds amusement in the different circumstances of our walks.

And I want to preserve that attitude. I don’t want her sitting in front of the T.V., clutching her gaming controller, hand in the Doritoes, whining that the weather is too “gross” to go outside. But if I don’t watch it, my negative attitude is going to eventually have its way with her and kill that beautiful childlike wonder and acceptance.

So who cares if its raining. Or snowing. Or hailing. Or sunny.

Lizzy, we’ll go on our walk. And we’ll enjoy whatever the weather brings us.


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  1. You’re such a good Mommy. I love the life lesson you’re teaching Lizzy about the rain. I’m trying to learn this lesson, too.

  2. I can really picture that walk, and am sure you will remember it even when the perfect weather walks have faded from your memory.

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