Running Life Uphill

I’ve started running again and am slowly getting back to my pre-pregnancy stamina. So a couple weeks ago, when I began noticing that I wasn’t making the mileage or time that I was the week before, I started getting really annoyed.

Each day, I’d faithfully get on the treadmill, expecting to continue the slow and steady progress to continue. But I discovered that over the course of several days, I couldn’t manage to run at the speeds from the week before, nor could I go as long. And I was getting really upset about it.

Dan would ask how my runs were going and I’d storm around the house mumbling about being too tired or eating too much chocolate. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Of course, my running disappointments crept into the rest of life, and I was getting a sour disposition.

Then, two weeks after this whole struggle began, I decided to play with the incline and discovered that the incline was already on. Actually, it was inclined quite a bit.

We got a new treadmill a few months ago, and I was unfamiliar with the incline feature. On the treadmill I used last year, at the gym, the incline would reduce at the end of each workout. But on ours, it seems to stay on until you change it.

And of course, two weeks prior, I’d messed with the incline during a workout.

So it wasn’t just me. My workouts were harder.

Now imagine how fast I went when I took off the incline! I felt like I could fly. Well, or just kick the speed up a couple notches. My times improved dramatically, and I could run for a lot longer.

And I felt like an idiot for getting so upset about it.

Ever feel like you’re running uphill constantly?

I’ve been thinking about how sometimes, God makes us run uphill for awhile, to train us for life.

In Lizzy’s first few months, we had our lives set to a 50% incline…maybe more. And it was totally out of our control. But now, the incline went down a lot, and we’re actually feeling pretty strong. Like we’d been conditioned for the long haul of raising this kid.

I’m sure there will be periods where that incline will get raised again, maybe not so high (she gets a cold, and I feel like it takes a decent hike). But I need to do a better job of recognizing that even though the incline is steep, I’m getting stronger. Day by day, God is refining me, making me more like him. And while the process of sanctification can be downright frustrating at times, the end product is amazing.

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  1. OK – so in real life, how do you shut off the incline? I could use a smooth, flat stretch for awhile…

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