Book Review: Dewey’s Nine Lives

So I’m still struggling to find time to write, but I’m managing to find a little time here and there to work on bits and pieces. Lizzy is doing well and bringing us both a lot of joy, and I’m sure I’ll be sharing much more about her in coming days. But for now, I’m going to share about a book that I’ve been reading and give you a chance to win your very own copy of it.

During the first few weeks of parenthood, I got an e-mail from a publicist asking if I’d be interested in reviewing a copy of the second Dewey, the Library Cat, book called Dewey’s Nine Lives. At first, I sighed and passed on to the next e-mail, but I eventually went back and took the publicist up on her offer, as a sort of project to keep me committed to writing.

I’ve finally finished the book, and I happily encourage all you cat lovers, especially Dewey fans, to pick up a copy.

Whereas the first Dewey book was focused entirely on Dewey and his librarian owner, Vicki Myron, this book is a collection of stories, largely told from Myron’s perspective, about other cats and their owners. The book’s claim that Dewey inspired these particular cats is a bit of a stretch. It’s more like a collection of stories from people Vicki knows or others who contacted her with similar, heartwarming cat stories, after they read the first book.

Don’t get the book expecting Dewey part II, because there’s little about Dewey in there. I can see how Myron has tried to tie Dewey into the stories, but it actually is more of an interruption to the flow of otherwise stand-alone stories. Her narration pops in here and there to explain how a certain story reminds her of Dewey or her own life, and I didn’t think it was necessary. Plus, many of the connections were a big stretch.

There are nine full stories, all but one re-told from Myron’s perspective. I thought the stories rambled on a bit and went into too much backstory on each of the cat owners, but overall, there were some heartwarming and sweet tales in there. And it’s not all crazy cat ladies either. Some of the owners aren’t what you’d expect, such as the heavy drinking vietnam vet who rescued an injured cat, only to become best friends with it, even making a special seat for it to ride on his motorcycle.

So if you’re a cat affectionado or just like reading warm, fuzzy stories about felines, this is a great book for you. And for those of you who would like to own your own copy, to sit by the fire and read while curled up with a purring cat, just leave a comment here, sharing the name of your favorite feline and maybe a “tail” or tidbit about it. The publicist has offered to send the contest winner a copy of the book. I’ll accept entries until December 16th (2 weeks), and then I’ll pick a random number, probably from an online number generator since that worked so well last time.

I’ve also included a copy of the book’s prologue here, for those of you who want to get a feel for Myron’s writing voice and the backstory behind Dewey.  If you’d like to read my review of the first Dewey book, you can find it here.

Excerpt from DEWEY’S NINE LIVES © 2010 by Vicki Myron with Bret Witter.
Published By Dutton.
Excerpted with permission from the publisher. All Rights Reserved.

Thanks to Dutton Publishers for providing me with a review copy of the book.

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  1. My favorite cat is Shadow who has taught the boys the proper amount of attention to pay to a cat. We found him on Alex’s bed one night purring very contentedly as Alex was sleep petting him.

    AL: That’s so cute!

  2. Hi, I would love to win the book. I lost my beloved BooBoo this summer and miss her terribly. I have adopted two new cats that I am getting to know. They are adorable and funny. But I still grieve my sweet kitty, Boo.

    AL: I didn’t know about the new additions to your family! How sweet!

  3. I’ll share about my Tidbit, the sweet calico baby that I fell in love with at first stare when she tumbled out of a playful pile of her calico siblings at the animal shelter. Since she had a bit of every color and feline fur configuration (stripes, solids, dots) she formally was named Jennyanydots, for surely she was a Gumbie cat (with tiger stripes and leopard spots, per Old Possum’s book of Practical Cats) but it didn’t take long for that name to be shortened to Tidbit, as a calico she has a sample of everything.
    Loved the first book, and keep wondering when the movie will be out with Meryl Streep as the librarian.

  4. We’ve got two cats we love at my house, and they are night and day. Even in color. But we love them still. I’ve learned that a cat does not take well to neglect after a new baby comes into the house. Our sweetie who sleeps with us every night lost hair that first week of my daughter’s life, and we quickly righted our wrong. I hope you didn’t have that problem, Amy!

  5. The book looks very sweet –
    I’ve asked Santa for an orange kitty for Christmas…..
    He said we might just have to find me one…..
    Preferably with a large purr motor, and a lovely cattitude….

  6. And the winner is….Amanda! Congrats! I used the random number generator here and drew your number!

    Enjoy the book!

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