A Blessing in Disguise

Dan and I rent a garage for our apartment, and over the past few months, we’ve been having some struggles with the garage door opener. We’ll come home to find it hanging wide open for hours, or in the morning, we’ll see that it opened magically sometime during the night.  We’ve had maintenance tweaking it several times, and they think it’s something about the springs.  At this point, we just think it’s possessed.  Well, or something like that.

But yesterday, we were digging something out of its bowels, and I realized that something seemed to be missing. “Where are our bikes?” I asked.

Dan assumed they were buried under the rest of the junk we have in there. But a little digging didn’t reveal them.

So, it looks like our bikes got stolen.  A few curse words got uttered, mostly directed at the annoying garage door opener.  And then I took off of to run some errands, continuing to inwardly fume.

We have no clue when the bikes got stolen because we haven’t used them since we moved here from Vermont, over three years ago.  We used them a fair amount over there, but they suffered some serious wear and tear, especially since they got left in the rain a lot. 

The rusty bikes got further beaten down when we partially dissected them for cross country transport. Basically, they were missing their tires, handles, pedals, and their brakes and alignment were all messed up.  Probably the main reason we haven’t used them for so long is because of the massive effort it would take to put them back together in working condition.

So, I realized, what we got was a bit of a blessing in disguise.  We’re not even sure the bikes would work anymore, at least without taking them to the repair shop for a fix up for more than they were worth.

What happened was that thieves took our junker bikes off our hands, so we don’t have to worry about taking them to the dump when it comes to it.  Or, we don’t waste money fixing up old, rusted bikes for sentimental reasons.

I was wondering if we could have gotten rid of them on Craigs List.  The listing would be difficult to make appealing, if I presented the whole truth of the situation:

Two mountain bikes, rusted, in pieces, requiring new chains and brakes, realignment.  Free for anyone with a lot of time on their hands.

Maybe we’d have some takers, maybe not.  But as I look at it, we got takers without having to put forth the effort.

Dan’s still coming around to my way of thinking. I think he’s just upset someone stole something that belongs to us. 

I’m thinking about taking him shopping for a shiny new bike to help change his mind.  

And if you’re looking to get rid of any old junk, I highly suggest “accidentally” leaving your garage door open for several hours.  Trust human nature to do the rest.


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  1. Oh yeah…DO get some new bikes. I love pictures of way pregger women riding bikes!

    AL: Ha! If I can keep balanced enough! It might be a nice alternative to walking all the time for exercise. I’m thinking those cute little baby carriers that hitch onto the back might be a fun addition, once the little one shows up…then again, it might help balance me now!

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