I survived the Women’s retreat, and I’m really glad that I trusted God and got out of my comfort zone.

The retreat was hosted about an hour from our home, on a lake front summer camp, with cabins and all. And as expected, it wasn’t an easy way to spend the weekend, but it was a blessed one.

Before leaving, I worried about lots of potential problems, least of which was the fact that I still wasn’t eating much, and most food made me want to throw up.  So God gave me lots of grace and provided foods I could eat (and smell) at all the meals.  And while this next provision might not seem like a big deal to most, in my current state, it was huge.  I found a private bathroom near our cabin and the meeting rooms, where I could escape should I not be feeling very well.  I found it the first night there, and it was a huge blessing.  With 6 women sharing a bathroom in our cabin, I had been very concerned about how pregnancy sickness would work with that.

There were lots of pregnant women there, many with much rounder bellies, so it was nice to have sympathetic folks around me.  When they found out how far along I was, they always asked how I’m feeling, already understanding that this was a big struggle.

I admit, I bailed the last night, after all our sessions were done for the day. I was exhausted and couldn’t face one more night on a thin mattress, sharing one bathroom. And I slept for almost the entire next day, recovering.

But I’m glad that I took the risk, followed God’s call to do something that seemed so full of potential difficulties.  I got to see how he was taking care of my needs in very practical ways.  And that was worth the trip, in itself.  But I also got to worship him with over 200 women and grow in the knowledge of him as well, through all our sessions with Godly women speakers.  I’m still unpacking all the wisdom that was presented there, and I was challenged in many ways to deepen my walk with God.

Thanks for your prayers. I’m sure it made a big difference!


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  1. So glad it went well and that you have met the other expectant mothers who will share the childrearing adventure with you. Nothing binds women together more firmly than having babes of similar ages!

    Next up: Amy wondering about whether to go to a woman’s retreat with her nursing infant. Stay tuned…

    AL: You’re thinking in the right direction there. At this retreat, they had a great setup for nursing moms, which looks good for the future. The nursing moms got their own rooms, or doubles, and there was a separate viewing room for the speakers for them as well (if the babies were crying). Lots of babies around, making for quite the cute distraction at times! I was impressed by all the portability devices the moms had for packing around their kiddos.

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