NaNoWriMo Day 2

I’m probably going to be pretty pooped out on writing this month, so I’m not sure if my standard blog posts are going to happen.  I’m due for a couple more book reviews, but aside from that, I think I’m going to keep my blog posts focused on the NaNoWriMo experience.

So I’ve finished day 2, which is technically my day 1, since I’m determined to not write on Sundays.

So far, I’ve finished 2000 words, hitting my goal for the day.  Here’s hoping that the first couple pages are some of the hardest, because I kept having to make up new characters as I went.  And I also had to keep myself from Googling factoids that I wasn’t sure about.  I’m trying to keep this as low research as possible, hence the subject matter of the book, basically locally oriented chick lit.  Out of all my story ideas, which I shared with Dan, it seemed like the best suited for this kind of project.

Let’s see, discoveries for today.  I’m realizing that characters let you in on secrets about their future. I’ll be writing about a character and something surprising will pop out of his or her mouth, indicating a future sub-plot that I would have never expected.  So, of course, every time that happens, I need to jot down that plot development in my little “plot overview” sheet, which is really just a short list of things I want to happen in the book.  Right now, it seems like I’m on a journey from point to point, just trying to make it to the milestones I’ve set up for these characters.

Oh, and the exposition stage is a real bear.  I hate it when books just dump down the entire character history right off the bat.  I’m more of an in medias res kind of person (where the book starts in the middle of the action).  But the challenge to that is incorporating the character background in a natural kind of way.

Stay tuned for more on this adventure.  Here’s my NaNoWriMo page with the new page numbers listed:


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  1. LOL. The movie “Stranger than Fiction” becomes really interesting after doing Nano. When the writer meets her character come to life and exclaims that even his his shoes are as she imagined they would be floored me.
    Who knew characters come with mannerisms, clothing preferences, sunglasses, and cars? Even details that you think you are just adding for filler actually play into the plot later…I had no idea that my character’s lambs wool sweater in the first scene shadowed so much.

    I hope you enjoy the ride. Darn..wish I wasn’t over scheduled this month. My daughter is doing nano again too.

    AL: I’d love to list Laura on my NaNoWriMo friend list, which is pretty shabby at this point. Looking to have others to spurn me on! If she’s willing to share, I’d love to have her profile name!

  2. You’re doing great. Keep it up.

    AL: Thanks!

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