Back to Reality

I’m back!  And I’ve recovered from jet lag finally, so I’m out of excuses. 

Have you ever gone on a long vacation (a week or more) and come back wondering what happened to your world?  It’s strange.  The normal, everyday things don’t seem so normal and everyday anymore.  Where do we keep the dental floss again?  And what do we eat here, in this place?

zurich street flagsWe had a wonderful time gallivanting about Switzerland and Italy.  The first week, we spent in Zurich with our friends Chari and Chris.  It was Dan’s first time in Zurich, and I was excited to show him around the city that I’ve come to love.  Of course, navigator Dan ended up showing me around the town by the end of the week, but that’s no surprise. 

manarola from cornigliaFor our second week, we went to the Italian Riviera, the Cinque Terre, to be precise, in a little town called Riomaggiore. That week was all about playing in the water and climbing around quaint little seaside villages. We learned a lot of Italian in that short stay, especially when we realized how useful it was for ordering the local seafood at dinner.

bridgeAfter that, we went to Tuscany, to the small town in the Chianti region called Rufina, famous for its vineyards, wine, and olive oil. (If you want to taste a Rufina wine, we saw one at Costco a couple days ago.) We stayed at a farm that produces wine and oil, and of course, we extensively sampled all its products.  Florence was only a short train or bus ride away, so we visited the famous city several times during our stay there.

pantheonAnd our final week was spent in Rome, where we walked our feet off and ate pasta and pizza until we don’t want to see pasta or pizza again for a very long time. Dan found a hotel in the city that was on the public transportation system, so we travelled all over the place, visiting all the great monuments and sites.  One could spend a year there and not run out of things to see and experience. 

So naturally, after a month away, I’m stewing over a lot of ideas to discuss.  I did a little writing while I was there, mostly in Twitter.  But, I’m hoping to share more pictures and reflections with you in the coming weeks because this sort of trip doesn’t get easily covered in one blog post. 

Thanks for sticking with me while I was away for so long.  I certainly needed a little writing sabbatical to refresh me with new ideas and motivation. 

Oh yes, and I was reading while I was over there.  I updated my reading list to reflect my new additions.  Nothing too deep, but just enough to pass the time on the train.


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  1. Your trip sounds incredible! We’re so happy you guys did this and we can’t wait to hear more about it and see more photos. Do you have a photostream on flickr?

    AL: Thanks guys. Yes, I technically have a flickr account, but it has yet to be populated with photos. I’m still deciding where to show my photos, but flickr might just win, instead of uploading them all individually to WordPress. We’ll see how it goes. With the new school year upon me (I started teaching on Monday…already), the picture editing got stuck on the back burner while I meet my new students for the semester!

  2. Welcome home! Yes, every vacation leaves me befuddled as to what happened to prior life. Nothing ever seemes quite the same, and figuring out where I am when I awake takes some doing.

    Glad you had a great time, and hope you post a few more Swiss pictures. I do miss that place quite a bit!

    AL: Certainly. We didn’t take many new Switzerland photos since we pretty much stuck around in the Zurich area (it’s basically the same shots, this time with Dan in them), but I’ll try to find some new scenes to throw in there!

  3. Hope you had a great time.

    AL: We had an incredible time. Going away for so long, it’s hard to capture all the experiences in one statement. But I suppose “incredible” will do for now. I’ll unpack that further, of course.

  4. Welcome home. I can hardly wait to see pics. Italy is on my list of Places I HAVE To Go! So glad you two enjoyed your well-earned vacation.

    AL: Thanks Mindy. I hope you get a chance to go someday. It’s surprisingly affordable and easy to travel around there.

  5. I followed you on Twitter and enjoyed your cute updates there while you were traveling. I laughed at the picture of the squatter toilet – ugh. I had to use one of those in Syria. Actually two of them. Never washed my feet in the bidet though. 😉

    Sounds like a great trip. My big adjustment was when we were in the Istanbul airport after being in Damascus for nearly 2 weeks. I had to ask my husband, “Can we flush toilet paper here?”

    I enjoy your pictures and update! Welcome home!

    AL: Oh, I’m glad somebody followed me over there! I was wondering if that would work or not. If anybody else is curious to check out the posts, you can find them on my twitter site, here. Those toilets were awful. Dan and I rejoiced when we hit the airport in Atlanta. Wow, I bet Istanbul would make for an incredible trip! Much more exotic! Italy is so…well…westernized!

  6. Welcome back Amy…the blogosphere missed your voice this summer. Glad you had such a good time !

    p.s. Let me know if you and your husband ever make it out to Connecticut. We’ll go out for pizza or pasta 🙂

    AL: Awww thanks Joe! Would love to meet you in Connecticut sometime. Sadly, not in New England so much these days since we left Vermont. But we’re due for a trip back there, so it might just happen. Oh, and no pizza or pasta for me for awhile..but by then, I think I’ll be fine!

  7. Welcome back Amy! I look forward to hearing more about the trip or whatever else you have on the back burner to share with us. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

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