Basement Cat’s Humiliation

My all-time most popular post surprisingly isn’t the ABC Satan Face-off Debate notes (but that comes in second).  By far, it’s a little story I told using pictures from the insanely popular ICanHasCheezburger blog.  You can read my “Saga of Ceiling Cat” here.

I’ve been thinking about trying it again, since the first time around, it was such a big hit.  And, I admit, I love that blog.  I guess I have a thing for cute kittens with grammar problems.  But there’s a very familiar story woven into the site, about Ceiling Cat, Basement Cat, and Happy Cat.  You can find the main characters in The Lolcat Bible, which is, believe it or not, a translation of the Bible into lolspeak (kitten language, of course).

This highly apocryphal story is an adaptation of Ceiling Cat lore, using pictures from the ICanHasCheezburger blog.  We’ll just say that this story has some strong similarities with the biblical book of Job, which you can also read about here in the Lolcat Bible, or even better, the ESV Bible.

I call this story “Basement Cat’s Humiliation”

Basement Cat wuz gettin lil 2 overconfident. He wuz 2 huge 4 his litterbox.


But hoo wud put teh powerful Basement Cat in his place?


Teh basement iz scary place for kittehs…


Lotz dat waz scaredy cats…


So Ceiling Cat decided 2 teach Basement Cat lesson.


Basement Cat has serious problem.  He not so scary nomore.


In fact, teh kittehs all wondered if he switchd sidez.


Ceiling Cat gots teh last laugh.


Teh moral ov teh story:  Don’t mess wif Ceiling Cat.

And don’t getz too big for your litterbox.


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  1. This is hilarious. I’m only a few hours into my day, but this could end up being one of the highlights. Thanks!

    AL: Glad I’m not the only one that finds the kittehs amusing. =)

  2. Love LOLkitties. When I say “hi” to my cats now, my mind spells it “oh hai”

    I’m enjoying the Failed blog and the Engrish links from the LOL site too.

  3. LOL thank you for that! I have my own lolcat picture story here: 🙂

  4. so omg hillarious

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