Frozen Spinach and Conformity

choppedspinach10ozI have a package of frozen spinach in my freezer that’s been in there since last year, or maybe the year before. It’s sort of hard to tell.

I’ve never used frozen spinach before, especially in this bricklike form.  But when a Food Network show host told me frozen spinach was THE must have kitchen staple, I picked up some at the grocery store the next time I was there.

But I could never quite figure out what to do with the block o’ spinach.

The chef said that it’s handy for when guests pop by to make “dozens” of fast and delicious appetizers. She probably serves things like this.

spinach dip by rachel from coconutlime on flickr

But every time guests stopped by, I thought about it and imagined serving them this.  Yum.


I finally thew it in the garbage. (And all you frozen spinach lovers are probably throwing your hands up in dismay).

I think I got the thing because I was under the impression that everyone who was anyone kept a block of spinach in their freezer.  I had been missing out on some piece of crucial housewifery, and by not having one, I wasn’t being a good hostess.

I don’t know what I was thinking, that friends would pop over, and I could proudly open my freezer, point to the brick, and say, “Let me just whip up something with my favorite kitchen essential.” Then, I’d exchange knowing looks with my chic and sophisticated guests.

But lately, I’ve been subtly asking my friends: “Do you ever cook with frozen spinach?”  And do you know, nobody says that they do.

I need to stop trying to conform and figure out how to manage our household the way we like it, without frozen spinach on hand.  In fact, my must have staple is garlic salsa from Trader Joes, if you must know (Dan claims he wooed me with it in college).  But I certainly don’t expect all of you to go running out to by some (especially if you plan on wooing me).


I’m glad to reclaim some of that freezer room that the spinach was taking up.  As you can see…I need it.


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  1. I’ve used frozen spinach occasionally, but frankly find it to be rather gross looking when defrosted. Why not just plan ahead and use fresh spinach for a menu item? Love it in omlettes, with bacon in salad, and kiwi fruit, and chopped up in white sauce over pasta. The frozen stuff just doesn’t deliver the same quality in the end.

    AL: I do love fresh spinach too. My favorite is a fresh spinach salad with feta cheese, sunflower seeds, and oil and vinegar. Simple but good! I eat it all the time as a side. Great source of iron. Oh, and the other day, we made a pizza with fresh spinach, feta, olives, and artichokes on it. Yummy.

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