Why I Love Watching Baptisms

Yesterday, on Easter Sunday, our church baptized 325 people.  Every one of those numbers is a person who has been changed by Jesus in a dramatic way. 

We, the congregation, were blessed to hear their testimonies, of how Jesus brought them to this place in their life, where they want to publicly proclaim that Jesus is their savior and redeemer. 

Sometimes as believers who have been walking with Jesus for awhile, we forget what it’s like to have that amazing transformation take place.  We forget about Jesus’ power to change us from the inside out and make us new creations.  That’s why it’s so important to listen to people tell their stories. 

Baptisms aren’t just about watching people get dunked underwater.  They’re a chance to minister to the people who are already saved, the people who need to remember that Jesus is alive and well and doing great things. 

Click here to read the testimony of one of the people who was baptized at our church yesterday.  

Jesus is alive and well.  And he’s doing great things!

(You can watch last Easter’s baptisms here and here.  They are set to great music and are worth a watch.  This year’s baptisms haven’t been uploaded yet, but when they are, I’ll try to post them in the comments section, unless someone else beats me to it.)

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