Five Books to Strengthen Your Marriage Part 2

Last Friday, I gave you my top five marriage books.  But I got some great feedback from you readers and from discussions with friends and family, especially my husband, who reminded me of other books that I didn’t want to forget.  So, I’m adding a second part to my series.  Of all the book lists to extend, I think this is a good one to choose!


1. Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

Eggerichs built this book around an important verse on the marriage relationship, Ephesians 5:33: “However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.” The book teaches husbands how to love their wives and wives how to respect their husbands, avoiding what he calls “the crazy cycle” where each partner denies the others’ needs.  Study this verse well.  Eggerich can teach you a lot about it.  Thanks Jill for reminding me that many people have benefitted from the book.  I think it’s a good resource, but I also think that it could be condensed into a much more compact version.  Eggerich tends to ramble and give a few too many non-helpful examples.


2. Rocking the Roles by Robert Lewis and William Hendricks

Dan and I picked up this excellent book at a Family Life Weekend to Remember that we attended.  Not only do we highly suggest these marriage enrichment weekends, they have some excellent resources available.  The book discusses the unique, Biblical roles for men and women and what happens when we don’t conform to those roles.  It’s a little dry and to the point, but it addresses many different families and their situations.



3.  For Women Only & For Men Only by Shaunti Feldhahn and Jeff Feldhahn

When I first read For Women Only, I admit, I was proud and thought that men were pretty easy to understand. I figured that the book didn’t have anything to teach me about the inner working’s of men’s brains.  Boy, was I was in for a surprise.  I learned a lot about what my husband wanted and needed, and it helps to recognize how different we are.  I can’t expect him to react the same ways that I react or want the same things that I want.  He’s a man, and I’m a woman.  I don’t want him to be a woman, so I should stop expecting him to act and think like one.  Men have their own version of the book, For Men Only, which my husband is currently reading.  I hear him chuckling as he reads it, so I’m guessing he’s getting some good insight out of it.


4. The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace

I’ve been dying to do this book in a women’s group ever since I picked up a copy at my church’s book store.  I love how it’s foundation for every point is scripture.  It addresses women as wives and their needs.  It confronts our unique propensities toward sin, and it also addresses how we can best be a helper to our husbands.


5. Before You Say “I Do” by H. Norman Wright & Wes Roberts

Dan and I used this book in our pre-marital counseling sessions with our pastor.  We each had our own copy of the workbook and filled in each chapter before we met to discuss it.  When you’re engaged, you don’t typically want to talk about such fun issues as finances or how to deal with in-laws, but the book forces you to discuss those hot-button issues up front.  This is more for the people who are engaged, but I found it so valuable that I wanted to pass it along. Plus, I like the idea that you plan ahead for the problems, before you get knee deep in them.

As always, if I recommend any books that you’d like to purchase, consider buying them through Amazon using the links on my site, so I get a percent of the purchase price back to buy more books to review!


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  1. I was deployed to Afghanistan last year while my wife (-to be at the time) was planning our wedding. We both had a copy of Before You Say I Do and would work on it seperately and then discuss it together. It was awesome and a great tool to keep us close while I was away.

    AL: That’s wonderful! First off, thanks so much for serving our country. We all owe you and your wife a huge debt of gratitude. Dan and I actually worked on the book while we lived 2 states apart. It wasn’t exactly the distance you faced, but I think I understand a little of what you did. It was a nice way to keep our relationship real and growing despite the distance. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks so much for these great book ideas. I haven’t read any off this list yet but have wanted to. I think The Excellent Wife would be a great one for a ladies’ Bible study maybe that will be our next next one. (No not a typo-I just ordered our next study) We are currently doing The Power of a Praying Wife and has it had a lot to teach us!

    AL: I’m so glad that they’re some new ideas for you. I hope you get to do The Excellent Wife. I have friends here who have done that as a study and have said it was really wonderful when done that way. Never did Power of Praying Wife in a women’s group, but I suppose it could be adapted for that. Good idea. I’ll look forward to hearing how it goes, if you end up doing The Excellent Wife for your “next, next” study.

  3. Before You Say I Do was the book we used pre marriage, almost 33 years ago. I thought it was a tad dry, but we both had copies, wrote notes in the margin, then exhanged books. I should go back and see what we wrote.

    AL: Don’t worry, I won’t say anything like “Wow, it’s been around for so long” =) But I didn’t realize that it was published that long ago. I can imagine a lot of people have gone through it. Now, my question is, given the current divorce rates in churches (about on par or even higher than the mainstream), I want to know if the book has been helping! Certainly, there’s a lot more to marriage than just a good pre-marriage book, but I’d hope that in 30 years, we’d have a better track record.

  4. LOVE the blog! And you are spot-on with those books! Want to add one more to your list – it’s called, “The Respect Dare” and it’s the female complement to The Love Dare. Ephesians 5:33 tells wives to respect their husbands, but there isn’t anything except this book that gives real life examples of how to actually do this.

    AL: I’m glad you stopped by to share your book with us. I admit, I get a lot of authors stopping by trying to promote their books (and I ignore many of them), but yours looks like it fills a need that I’ve noticed before. I too have a big concern for this issue. Best of luck in promoting and selling your new book. I hope that it can minister to women in this much needed area!

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