Unexpected Places to Read

Ever since I started this New Year’s resolution to read a book a week (or 52 books this year), I’ve been much more aware of the spare minutes in the day where I can squeeze in some extra reading.  Here’s a list of a few of my new favorite places to sneak in a couple pages.

1.    The dentist/doctor’s office.
Who wants to read those germy, old issues of magazines when you have your own books that you can carry around?  I usually drag along something that I can easily stow in my purse, but if not, it also makes for a good conversation piece with the dental hygienist or nurse.

2.    The bathtub
While you’re soaking to warm up after a cold day, why not read for a little while? I like to have a dry hand towel by the side of the tub for my sudsy hands, so I don’t get the book wet.  A cup of hot tea is also a nice touch.

3.    Waiting for my car to get serviced.
My only issue with this is that most of my car service shops have TVs that blare, interrupting my reading, so I often bring along earplugs as well.

4.    On a walk
Okay, this one isn’t always possible. But I used to walk around a track near our home in Vermont, and there weren’t any obstacles to trip over while I was reading.  I don’t suggest doing this when you might walk into traffic or twist your ankle when stepping off a curb.  Audio books are a great alternative.

5.    When doing housework
Obviously, you can’t read a book while scrubbing the toilet, but there are ways to work audio books into your cleaning routine. I have a couple fun audio books that I reserve for housecleaning, so if I want to listen, I discipline myself to be cleaning at the same time.  It makes the dishes go a lot faster.  I’ve also been known to pick up a book between pulling batches of cookies out of the oven.

Okay, it’s your turn to share. What are your favorite places to fit in some reading?

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  1. breastfeeding – as a mom I spend a lot of time on the couch with my son; might as well as get some reading done from time to time!

    AL: Awesome! I’m assuming that it takes a little balancing effort to make it happen, but I can see how that would work!

  2. Just commenting on # 3 – why is it that pizza, delis and fast food places also either have music blaring or have a TV on that’s too loud ? I’ve tried all of these at lunchtime and I can’t seem to concentrate on anything other than the sports section in those. Panera Bread plays instrumental music though 🙂

    AL: Joe, you are so right. I wonder if it has something to do with people needing constant distractions, constant entertainment. You’d be hard pressed to find an American home that doesn’t have the tv blaring this evening. People don’t do well with quiet anymore.

    I love Panera. I go there all the time when I want to get out of the house but still get some work done. It’s my second classroom, next to my living room. =)

  3. Lunch break!

    I notice my co-workers munching sandwiches while reading away out in their cars in the parking lot.

    The library is also a nice place to read…

    AL: Good idea! I tend to use my lunch breaks to read the New Yorker magazine. For some reason, I prefer reading magazines when eating at a table.

    I love reading at my library too. Actually, I’ll take my laptop there to work, when I’m not at panera. There are some great sunny windows that get excellent afternoon sun. So, on our rare sunny, Seattle days, I’ll take advantage of the library’s location.

  4. I like to read while baking. I read a few pages while waiting for each batch of cookies. This was astonishing to the foreign exchange student we had a few years ago. He said he had never seen anyone read in the kitchen.

    AL: I love it! I find myself sometimes choosing to make individual cookies as opposed to bar cookies to indulge my reading a bit more. It’s amazing how much reading you can get in during those 12 minute baking cycles. I live with quite the cookie monster. =)

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