But You Have Insulted The Poop

The memory verses continue.  I’m working on James 2, and as I was going over my flashcards, I came across James 2:6: “But you have insulted the poop.”  What?  That can’t be what he wrote.  Of course not.  It was a scribal error.  In this case, the scribe was a lazy one from 2008.  It’s supposed to say “But you have insulted the poor.”  I just made a little slip.

One struggle I’ve been coming upon again and again is the problem with trying to get it absolutely perfect, word for word, each time.  There will be points where I forget if I’m supposed to say a word as a contraction or write it out, such as “cannot” instead of “can’t” or “has not” instead of “hasn’t” (as in “Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised those who love him?).  As you can see, this comes up quite often.

I also am having a hard time with inserting the word “that” in the sentence when it doesn’t need to be there.  I know it sounds like picky stuff, and it is, but if I’m going to memorize it, I want to get it all memorized.

My little “poop” error made me realize that I need to have a better sense of humor about this whole thing. I’m getting way too obsessive about the details.  Sure, I’m going to strive to memorize the lines, but the important part is that I’m capturing the heart of the verse.  Yeah, I could miss a contraction or add an extra “that,” but chances are, I won’t substitute excrement too often.  So, I shouldn’t get too bogged down by it.


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  1. Cute post. Yes, you are right. Afterall the exact wording is different if you use the KJV, NKJV, NASV or NIV. By the way, your post made me chuckle because just two days ago, I posted this to my online girlfriends:


    It’s amazing how a misspelled word can be so amusing. I read this just now online:


    Yes Jesus did say that the poor will always be with us. But His word is littered with commands (not just polite requests) to take care of the poor.

    So Jesus’s line “there will always be poo among us” should not be used as a license to ignore the problems of the poor or to stop trying to help them out of their poverty.

    AL: Yours is even better! Yes, I agree,”there will always be poo among us”! hehe. But you’re right about all the versions. Some avid memorizers I know actually mix some of the versions together and don’t exclusively stick to one. Even though I typically read the ESV, I’m going with the NIV because it’s so commonly used. I want to be more relevant, I guess. But maybe, I need to rethink how important that really is in the long run.

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