God’s Library

I went to check out more books, and I was denied.  I had to pay my fine before they would let me check one out.  Cut off.  How embarrassing.

The only other time that happened was when I checked out too many books at once.  You remember the sad tale.

How does this happen?  It’s not like I lose books, well, very often.  I mean, I’m careful never to loan out library books to people because I know that I’d never get them back.  I leave the lending to my own personal library (which tells you what happens to a lot of my books).

It’s really the little things that add up.  I’ll be finishing one book for which I’ve been on the waiting list forever, and another one will come in that I’ve also been waiting for forever.  That happens for awhile, and sooner or later, I’ve got a long backlog of overdue books, just waiting to be read.

It also happens when I grow attached to a particular book and have a hard time letting go of it.  This has been known to happen, quite frequently.  Eventually, I relent, but only when Dan agrees to let me order a copy.  Even then, I don’t want to drop it off at the library until the new one arrives.

Maybe it’s like sin.  It sort of creeps up on you, adds up without you realizing it because it’s only just a penny here and there.  I happen to know that one book costs 10 cents each day it is overdue.  That’s nothing.  But, a few days of that, well, that’s a bit more significant.  And, if you multiply that by several books at once…you get the picture.

It’s easy to tell a “little white lie” every so often.  But you forget that maybe at the same time, you’re also lusting after a cute new Kate Spade purse that you saw someone had at church.  Then, the next day, you’re coveting a pair of patent leather lime green Coach ballet flats (purely a hypothetical example, of course, ahem).   Sure, it’s just a “little white lie,” but it’s not alone.  It has a lot of friends that will continue to pile up, if they go unchecked.

If God was like my librarian, I’d have amassed a huge debt, and there’s be no way he’d let me ever do anything fun again.  I’d be so much in the hole that I’d never be able to get out.  Unlike the library books, my sins are innumerable, and I’ve been sinning a lot longer than I’ve been reading.  There are way more opportunities to accumulate debt there.

But thankfully, God isn’t like my librarian.  He sent his son Jesus to cancel all my fines for good.  I can enjoy him fully and all the gifts he gives, without the shame of a bad account.  He won’t turn me away, ever.

And it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m a stellar patron. It all has to do with an amazing guy named Jesus who paid it all up in advance for me.  So I’m free to enjoy God’s library, all I want.


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  1. I love this post…beautifully said Amy 🙂

    I borrowed “The Gospel of John” on DVD from my library a while back but didn’t get to finish it before having to return it. Now I have a fine on my account. I want to borrow it again to finish watching it but feel strange having to pay a fine on it before they allow me to take it out again. I’m worried they’ll put a flag on my account 🙂

    AL: Awww, thanks Joe. Haven’t seen the Gospel of John yet, but maybe I’ll check it out from the library, now that I’ve gotten my fines paid. =) Our library lets us pay online with a credit card, so I at least don’t have to fess up in public!

  2. Just so you know: Once you get your MLS, you can keep books like FOREVER! No fines! As many as you want. Public, College, both if you work at a Community College Library in Texas.

    Maybe you should consider getting a second Master’s degree. Perhaps it would be cheaper than paying fines the rest of your life…

    AL: I knew you librarians got a good deal somehow. That’s just not fair. Yup, I think that’s certainly a good reason to pursue that degree. =) That and getting to hang around with books all day.

  3. Good post, well written.

    Why is is that when we loan our books they either never come back or one has to remind the borrower one year later and find they have forgotten all about it and not even read it yet!

    Have had many close Jewish friends over time but tht is a celebration that I have not heard of.


    AL: I need to come up with some sort of check out system to keep track of them. Maybe a little card file like my old church used to use at their library, you know, the old fashioned kind where you fill out the card and stick it in a box.

  4. Thoughtful analogy, thanks for the thought!

    Taking it just a little further, I’m thinking of this heavenly librarian lets us share what He has, all His books with no due dates (like you said with His Son paying all the debt). In His mansion there are many books, all for our enjoyment, throughout eternity.

    AL: Now there’s something to look forward to! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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