New Site Features: Twitter, Comments, & Book Review Feeds

I’ve added some new features to my site that I wanted to draw your attention to, especially if you’re one of my e-mail or feed readers who doesn’t visit the site very often.

The first is a feed from Twitter posts, something I’ve been doing for awhile, thanks for my friend Jen Zug, who got me hooked on it.  Basically, it’s random snippets from my daily life.  You can catch them on the bottom right hand margin of the site, or you can visit it directly at  Expect very non-intellectual commentary on such exciting everyday occurrences as doing the laundry or resisting the urge to eat the cookies in the cupboard.  I recently learned that I can update this from my cell phone, so watch out world, here I come.

Then, there’s the comments feed that I’ve made widely accessible for you.  Ever post a comment on my blog or any body else’s blog for that matter, only to forget about it and wonder if anybody ever replied to it?  Well, this is my way of helping you come back to the conversation.  We’ve been having a lot of great conversations on this blog lately, all in the comments section, where people will respond to a post, and others will chime in with their thoughts.  I like to get in there too with my two cents, of course.  So, if you can’t get enough of my opions on everything, here’s your chance to get more.  I’ve got links to this in the right hand margin, but you can also subscribe to the comments via e-mail here.  If you prefer using a feed reader like Google Reader, here’s the address for the feed.

I have one more option for you.  It’s more for you readers who stop by for the book reviews or for those of you who would prefer to only get a notice when I post a new book review.  Here’s a link to receive an e-mail whenever I post a new book review. And here’s the link for using a feed reader to get those updates.

Okay, there’s one additional reason to visit the site (look around if you’re already there).  I put a new picture of myself up, as an official part of the website.   It’s in the top right hand corner.  Thanks to the very talented Karen Mullen for a wonderful portrait session.

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  1. I love the pic!

    AL: Why thank you ma’am. I had so much fun doing a whole photo session devoted to little old me. Haven’t done that since I got married, and then I had to share the spotlight with Mr. Dan.

  2. Wow, you’ve been busy!

    AL: It’s called “I have a long to do list and my blog looks like a heck of a lot more fun then the rest of that junk.”

  3. Great photo! And now I’m going to go sign up for email comments. Thanks.

    AL: Thanks! I thought people might like to see what I look like, without having to dig through all the old posts to find a random shot. I had a comment the other day asking if I was the person in a pic, and I realized that most people reading my blog probably have no clue what I look like. Not that that’s necessary, but I think it helps know someone better. You’ll have to let me know what you think of the e-mail comments!

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