The Grass is Greener Syndrome

I’ll admit that coming back from my holiday in Switzerland was a bit of a letdown.  Yes, I was super excited to see my husband again, but I was going to miss hanging out with Chari and playing in the lake, taking my morning walks along the boardwalk, and eating all that lovely cheese and chocolate (I gained 4 pounds over there…oh my!). 

The plane ride home wasn’t as exciting as the one that took me to Switzerland. I can’t say that the level of anticipation was the same.  And the guy sitting next to me had the most horrible case of gas that I’ve ever encountered.  Yeah. Imagine sitting next to that for 9 hours. 

So, when Dan and I decided to go camping for his vacation, it sounded like a nice way to ease back into life in the states.  I wasn’t exactly ready to return to my daily grind just yet. 

We went to the Olympic Peninsula, a part of the state Dan had never visited.  I took him camping at one of my favorite remote locations in the temperate rain forest.  There’s lots of hiking, hot springs, ranger talks in the evenings, and hot showers for us weak willed city folk.  There’s no cell phone reception out there, and you can’t even get a radio station in the middle of that dense forest.  When I go, I always come out feeling like I’ve been in a bunker for awhile, devoid of contact with the outside world.  World War III could happen, and I wouldn’t know about it until I emerged from the forest.

Not long after we’d crossed over onto the peninsula, I started to remember why I loved the place so much.  Highway 101 takes you along the scenic coast, near lots of tidal flats. 

We eventually came upon Crescent Lake, and I asked Dan to pull over so I could take it all in.  I’d just left one of the clearest lakes I’d ever seen, back in Switerland, but this one, it was an incredible sight to behold.  The lake is one of the deepest in Washington at 640 feet, but the most astounding part is how well you can see into its depths.  A ranger told us that in places you can see down 150 feet.  Note for future reference: This probably isn’t a good place for skinny dipping.

The surrounding area is magnificent as well, and it was peaceful without many boaters on the water (making it a great picnic stop as well).  Dan stopped to feel the water and pronounced it swimmable, despite its glacial sources.  The streams that feed it, they are another story. 

Basking in the beauty of the Washington forests, I remembered that life isn’t so rough here in the Northwest.  We have our own beauty to explore and tastes to experience.  Part of the danger in vacationing for me is that in comparison to the travel destination, I grow disenchanted with what lies at home. 

But I’m seeking to cultivate a greater contentment with where God has placed me.  Sometimes, it’s just a matter of opening my eyes a little to what’s around me, being willing to recognize how incredible it is here at home.


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  1. Cool!

    I might have to plan a trip next year to see you and get out of Seattle into other parts of the state!

    AL: That would be tons of fun. Deception Pass is also a great spot. I’m dying to explore more of the islands as well. Not far from here, Mt. Rainier has got some pretty stuff too.

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