Grocery Shopping in Zurich

Thanks to everyone who was praying for my travels to Switzerland. I had a wonderful journey with nothing remarkable to note, well aside from having nobody occupying the seats next to me. Yes, I was spoiled the entire time.  God was so generous.

Today was my first full day in Switzerland, and I spent part of the day going grocery shopping, a noteworthy event, in my opinion.  Here are a few of my discoveries:

Swiss milk comes in boxes, which you won’t find in the refrigerated section.  No, you’ll find it on a shelf, right next the eggs, which also aren’t refrigerated.

These eggs have been hard boiled and decorated with special colors.  My friend called them “picnic eggs,” which I guess means that they are something you’d take on a picnic.  Mmmm, non-refrigerated, colorful, hard boiled eggs.  Oh look, some even look like the Swiss flag.

While the milk and eggs threw me for a loop, I’ve got to say that I’m 100% in favor of their chocolate selection.  Let’s just say that chocolate got more attention in the store than anything else, except for the produce.  Yes, chocolate is a grocery staple.  You’ll find it right next to the bread. God bless the Swiss.

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  1. Oh… chocolate. yummmm.

    Now I want some.

  2. You and I think alike – food is one of the first things I’d scope out in a foreign country! Enjoy the sites, sounds, beauty and random adventures I’m sure you’ll find yourself on (and the reading, of course!).

  3. Don’t you just love that they date stamp the chocolates? Pass expiration date stuffs pawned off on the tourist…beware!

    And don’t get me started on cheeses there, because one bite and I just can’t stop. Like, do we really need to eat anything except cheese and chocolate? Yum!

    AL: Going to have to check that out. I do know that I ate my chocolate stash, so I must go to the store asap to restock! Can’t go a day without that stuff. My friends have promised to take me to the Lindt factory, aka heaven.

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