Friday Funny: Word Pride

A student introduced me to an addicting new website for all you bloggers out there. It’s called “Wordle,” and it’s a fun way to create art with the words you commonly use in your blog, sometimes known as a “word cloud” (You non bloggers also can join in the fun by writing in a text-box). 

I set the parameters to 100 words and chose a font that resembled the ones I’d read in copies of Milton and the Geneva bible from the 17th century.  Then, I chose some of my favorite colors.

Here’s what the program came up with for my blog:

It seemed to capture my topics well, with lots of emphasis on Jesus, God, and books.  I don’t know why there’s so much on Canadians in there, though. 

So, all proud, I decided to narrow the words to 1, to see what my most frequently used word was.  I expected it would be Jesus or God, and I could write a post about how wonderful it is to have Jesus at the center of my blog, like he should be in all things. Bletch. 

What came up? 

As in “just desserts”, “justice,” and “Amy’s just plain arrogant.”

I think I had that one coming.

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  1. Hi Amy, oh! I just had to try the Wordle site.
    Pasted the entire Book of James into the program.
    The 5 most common words were: Shall, Ye, Man, God & Faith. It was a beautiful piece of art work.
    Of Course!
    AL: Awesome idea! You could make some pretty artwork to hang on the wall that way, I bet. I should try it with a favorite Psalm or the sermon on the mount.

  2. Thanks Amy, that was fun!

  3. That is a great idea Rose!

  4. I love Wordle! I was going to blog about this too! Maybe I still will. 🙂 Hope you’re having fun in Swiss-land.

    AL: I’d love to see your Wordles! Wish we could go bar hopping in Zurich together!

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