Why Can’t My Idols be Minor Things?

Let me give you a little piece of advice.  Should you be a little behind on your blog reading, catching up on what I’ve been writing for the past couple weeks, and you get to last week’s questions on how to find your idols (this one), keep in mind that should you decide to go about that process, you might want to expect a crappy week to ensue.  It helps to know what’s coming.

That pretty much sums up my week.

When you ask God to reveal things in your life that you’ve worshipped as replacements for Him, he never points out little stuff.  No, when it’s a God replacement, it tends to be big stuff, or at least, it’s stuff that you’ve made a big deal. 

I’ll probably update you sometime on what I’m learning, once I’ve stopped licking my wounds for long enough to write about it.

Until then, heed my advice, or warning, or what have you.


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  1. Praying for you friend!

    AL: Thanks ~M!

  2. I’m always amazed at how God works and His timing. Since reading your posts on idols, I can’t count how many times I’ve seen these idols referred to in the prophets, which I’m now reading. Going through Isaiah and Hosea the last few weeks, I’ve read and thought of you often.

    Amy, thanks for the advice AND the warnings !

    AL: Awww, thanks Joe. Isn’t it cool how that works? If God is trying to get your attention about something, he’ll use just about everything in your life to point to it. Scripture, of course, is always the perfect one. I love how scripture is living and active, how it shows you new things each time you read it.

  3. I confess I try not to schedule heavy life re-working passages during busy times…ha haha.

    Our church used to have a family or individual named each week for focus prayer. Everyone used to groan when their name came up, the week usually proved to be quite trying. There is nothing like have people praying for you to “grow in faith” to give you plenty of experience in doin spirtual battle for your life!

    AL: Ha! Okay, this is twisted, but I guess if you wanted revenge on somebody, a good way to to give them a bad week might to pray for their spiritual growth that week. hehe. Like I said, twisted. My husband jokes about praying for humility, always asking for trouble when you do that.

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