Friday Funny: The Saga of Ceiling Cat

I love lolcats, especially those at the ICanHasCheezburger blog, my favorite addiction.

There’s a storyline that has emerged among the submissions, and wheras my husband loves the “nom” topics, I prefer the epic struggle between “ceiling cat” and “basement cat.” It’s a familiar story that you might recognize from elsewhere.

So, for your Friday amusement, I bring you, my interpretation of the story of Ceiling Cat (with credits going to ICanHasCheezburger for the pictures and captions).

(I admit that I got this one from ICanHasCheezburger’s sister site, IHasAHotDog, for all those strange dog people out there).


If you enjoyed this story, check out the sequel.

And for more Ceiling Cat and lolcat pictures, from the original source, check out the I Can Haz Cheezburger books!





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  1. The Ceiling Cat and I are very close. I tell Him everything and He makes me glow and purr. He says He thinks Icanhavecheezeburger is hilarious. And that people who are nice to cats get a better mansion in heaven. Of course.

    AL: Tiggie commented on my blog! Tiggie commented on my blog! I feel so special!

  2. Good job. Ceiling cat be praised. xD

    AL: Thanks for visiting the site and for the comment. I’m very fond of the ceiling cat character, but I think we should stop short of praising him. He’s not God, and we’ve got to be careful not to create idols as stand-ins for the real God. I’m sure C.S. Lewis fans would have a lot to say on this topic, with Aslan being a Jesus figure but never a replacement. It’s an interesting topic for debate, I’m sure.

    • truly, yes.

  3. This saga is sooooo hilarious!!! And *indignantly* dog people are NOT crazy!!! LOL

    AL: hehe. I suppose I should be careful what I say about dog people, since i happen to live with one. =) Thanks for stopping by.

  4. LOL 😀

  5. You can’t just mention the epic and mind-boggling project that is the LOL Bible without linking it…

    Terrifying and yet, somehow, totally compelling.

    AL: agreed. thanks for the link.

  6. omg. basement cat is soooooooooooo awesome! its kinda like my cat but i don’t have a basement. it’d be crawlspace cat eets soulz. dum dum dummmmmm. peace out 🙂



  9. I love lolcats. I visit the website everyday. 🙂

  10. i love the sequence of all the pix! absolutely hysterical!

  11. I found your site when searching for Basement Cat pictures for my web site. I really enjoyed the pictures and also reading your blog. The Betty Crocker cookbook is one of my favorites, too! Thanks for sharing!


    AL: Thanks for stopping by Laurie. Betty Crocker was the “old reliable” cookbook in my house growing up. It’s a good standard, as well!

  12. This site is awesome!

    Anyone got a cheezeburger?

    • An Ceiling Cat say: U no can haz cheezburger Euan, cuz u r ov man, who did betraided me an stuff. U gotz problemz wit dis, u taeks it up wif ur ansestoorz lol.

      I r sorry. V.V I no can haz cheezburger either.

  13. Actually, the last image is based on Longcat (pictured on the right) and Tacgnol (on the left) and doesn’t accurately describe the epic struggle between Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat.

    • That’s your opinion. Don’t correct somebody’s art!

  14. Ceiling Cat looked down at this work and was pleased

  15. I love ceiling cat and basement cat. is all in a folder in my pc. not going to put on youtube or some crap. Shank you berry much.

  16. And when ceiling ca saw wat his bff had dun to hiz cheeezburgers he cast him out of ceiling banishing him to basement and claimed tat he be called basement cat. and he wanted a refund on his cheezburgerz so he made man and mcdonalds and wendys and gave man thought. he then created cats in his owned image while basement cat set up a base of operaions where he then corupted teh souls o de innocents and deh damned kittys taht broked teh laws o ceiling cat. etc.

  17. lol i love “i can haz cheeseburger” and lol cats. i hope you continue this for it is a very funny thing around the web

  18. Old three fang,who has recently become two fang heartily approves of this story and sends his black cat magic your way…..

  19. oh hai! Ceiling Cat and ai hav just met a year ago.


  20. Ceiling cat is awesome!!! It is in my cubby (locker) at school and so are all the other LOL cats!

  21. SOO funny I love it

  22. Haha so awesome!!
    Those are so cute!! 😀


  24. wait i mean CEILING CAT

  25. Just to clarify, the bottom picture is not ceiling cat and basement cat, it is Longcat and Tacgnol.

  26. HAHAHA that’s so funny! I love lolcats!!! I’m an atheist but I’d be a member of ceiling cat’s religion any day hahahaha!

  27. LOLcats are my favorite! (especially ceiling cat)

  28. This is so hilarious!!!

  29. Needs “poptart for your soul?”

  30. lolcats are the best – seriously I could waste an entire work day there. “Mai teh blessinz of teh Ceiling Cat be apwn yu” 😀

  31. Cats are the best pets in the world. I really love your post on cats.

  32. I loved the idea of ceiling cat… great running gag/inside joke. But then it took on this religious connotion. That destroys it for me. What a shame. A good joke gone to waste.

    AL: I’m sorry to hear that you found this offensive. If you’d like to discuss why it offends you so much, I’d certainly love to have more discussion with you on that subject.

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