Happy Bloggy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Okay, so it’s not technically my real birthday (but it’s June 10 for those of you who keep track of those sorts of things). More importantly, it’s my bloggy birthday (which I’m not sure is a real term, but I like the sound of it. Shakespeare made words; why can’t I?).

As of today, it’s been one full year since I began this blog with this not so wonderful post. I wrote about something I’d noticed in my Bible reading, and I thought about how it applied to culture, but it had nothing to do with me (or I didn’t make it very clear, at least).

Then I posted this, about a trip to the store and something I noticed about the haircare products I was buying for my husband. I connected it with the truth I knew from the bible, and made a personal statement about what I learned from the experience. And Kapow! I hit on something.

Here’s the key difference: one was personal, one was impersonal. one was preachy, one was reflective.

I wasn’t exactly getting comments yet, but on the home front, my friends were giving me tons of positive feedback. I think I’d finally found my niche, well, or something close to it.

Over this past year, I’ve tried to express my authentic experiences and how God is teaching me through them. For better or worse, you’ve followed me through my trials and tribulations, as I stumble along the path to the Celestial City (see Pilgrim’s Progress for the reference). But, I hope that through it all, you’ve found someone who is real and approachable, learning to be more like Christ each day. Even though I screw up all the time.

I never expected all the wonderful things that would take place as a result of this blog. I’ve met some great new friends, all of whom I can’t list right now, but I’d especially like to mention Heidi, Jill, Jen, Midnight Run, and ~M, who came to visit me a couple weeks ago in Seattle, for a wonderful time of fellowship and fun in the city.

I also got some publicity for doing this that I never quite expected. People have been reading my blog from all over the place, and I’m getting e-mails from countries around the globe. But one of the most memorable was one from my hometown, from a reporter from the Seattle Times who had read this post on the Seattle Blackout babies. She interviewed me and quoted me in her front page story in the Times, giving me lots of great promotion for the blog.

So thanks everyone for all your wonderful comments and encouragement this past year. I’ve learned a lot and grown a great deal as a writer and a follower of Christ. I can’t wait to see what this next year of blogging brings.

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  1. Happy Bloggy Birthday!

    I haven’t been here for awhile, but I want to say how much I enjoy your blog. You’ve done a great job and have accomplished what you list as your goals.

    Keep up the good work!

    By the way, you might remember that I had a sister with cancer. She passed away on April 30. She died knowing the Lord and pain-free.

    AL: Thanks for the encouragement. I also appreciate all the thoughtful comments that you’ve contributed the past several months. I should add you to that list of bloggers of note as well! Check out his blog folks, if you’ve got the time.

    I was so sorry to read about your sister’s passing, and I’ve been praying for you and your family during this time. I praise God that she is with Jesus, and I’m thankful that you’ll be together again. But I know that it’s hard now, and the past several months have been very hard for all of you.

  2. Happy 1st blog day and many more ! Thank you for many thought-provoking posts. I so enjoy your writing and am always thrilled when my RSS reader shows you have a new post 🙂

    Amy, you have been quite an inspiration to me as a growing Christian. I look forward to more of your great writing. God bless !

    AL: Thanks Joe!

  3. Hi Amy – congratulations on your Bloggy Birthday! I have enjoyed reading your thoughts, insights and inspirations over the past several months. Here’s to the year ahead!


    AL: Thanks Sara!

  4. Amy,
    Happy Bloggy Birthday! I have so enjoyed your emails, they are the highlight of my in box! What would I do with out you my dear friend! Have a Happy Bloggy Day!
    Love ya!
    PS Please keep up with the blog. It is such a blessing to me!

    AL: Thanks Kate!

  5. Congratulations, I know it can be tough sometimes to output good posts. Nice work.

    AL: Thanks Nick! I’m enjoying your food blog. I really wish I could be in Burlington, VT to take advantage of all your great eats advice. If any of my readers are from that area, consider stopping by Nick’s blog to see his lunch spot reviews!

  6. Yea! Happy Blogaversary (as I’ve heard some people call it)!

  7. Yes…congrats on a year of electronically tracking your life and your musing! I’ve more than once found myself pinging back to something you said (even last week in the hospital…) and found your writings to be steadying and encouraging. I hope knowing that encourages you to continue.

    Seeing my name in your list gave me a watery smile. The miracle of “search other blogs” brought us together because we both believe in the same miracles. I hope someday we will be able to meet in person.

    (Re-reading this reminds me of the trickiest part of this relationship: a friendship based on writing, and one of the friends being an English prof is a tad intimidating. I find myself questioning my every word!)

    AL: hehe, one of my professors stopped introducing herself as an English professor for that very reason because people would always tell her that they’d have to watch what they were saying. So, she started coming up with clever ways to introduce herself: a communications expert, a linguist, a language activist. All those don’t quite carry the same baggage. Don’t worry, I only edit people when I have to write it in my grade book. =) No red pen in hand on the blog, unless it’s for myself. Then, I’m ruthless.

    It means a lot that you’ve been encouraged by my writing, especially while in the hospital! I’m glad that my experiences, perhaps my hospital ones, could be used to assist you some in your time of need. I admit that I frequent your site to get a glimpse of the natural beauty you portray so often. I love all the blooming things you capture with your camera. It’s a lovely little escape for me. That, and the cats. I’m just falling for your cats. =)

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