Three O’clock Calico

Three o’clock calico
Do you not know
What people do at 3?
We sleep, in fact, deeply.

Your cries might seem cute
In daylight.
But at night, they’re downright
Rude, and selfish

Introduce yourself sometime
Preferably on my doorstep,
Not by my nightstand,
Not when I’m dreaming.

You remember me-

I’m the crazy chick,
With the hair in a knot,
Peeling back the shutters,
Scolding you and your purple collar.

“Go home to your people!”
“No, that’s not me!”

You belong in the country
Where you can yowl all you want,
Not in the city, where people need sleep.

Three nights I’ve heard you
One more and I’ll get traps.
There are humane ones,
But perhaps they’re too nice…

You’d probably still howl
And mew

Let me sleep.
You little 3 a.m. banshee.

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  1. Love this poem, especially considering that April is National Poetry Month.

    Calicos are my favorite kind of cat…usually they are very sweet. I personally own a 6 am tuxie (a grey tuxedo cat that has some kind of standing appointment outside at 6 am. Darned if I know what it is all about, maybe a networking meeting at Starbucks?)

  2. Thanks Jill! Poetry isn’t my forte, but it seemed like the right genre for this. I wish I could say that I was thinking about Poetry month when I did it! I do recall seeing a display at our local library though, so you librarians must be ontop of this sort of thing.

    The cat only made one more reappearance, which was a pretty spectacular one that had my husband up and out of bed, chasing it across the parking lot in the middle of the night. It hasn’t come back yet.

    I tend to love cats…just not ones that only come to visit under these types of circumstances!!!

  3. Happy Pesach to you!

    Next year in Jerusalem…either the one here or the new one. That would be very cool.

    AL: Amen!

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