Why Wait?

“Silver, that goes with everything…I could wear them with black, with blue, even with white. Oh, and they go great with my silver handbag! My other silver shoes are sandals, which are completely different.  But the price…”

Do you ever have conversations with yourself like this?  Well, if you’re a man, chances are, you don’t.  But, if you’re a woman, I’m guessing that this sounds very familiar.

I was standing at Target admiring a pair of silver peep-toe pumps with three inch stiletto heels.  It was right before New Years, and never mind that I didn’t have any New Year’s Eve plans, I thought that silver shoes were just the thing for the proper celebration. 

I passed them once, brushing them off as too extravagant, but they kept calling back to me, from the other side of the store. I’d be hanging out in housewares, and I’d hear them saying, “We’d go great with that red sparkly skirt you bought after Thanksgiving.”  It’s amazing how loud footwear can be.

I caved and returned to the shoe department.  They fit perfectly, just as I knew they would.  I tottered through the isles, imagining all the outfits that I could complement with the new silver shoes. 

This time, my cheapskate conscience kicked in and gave its own advice:  “If you wait a few weeks, they’ll be on sale at a fraction of the cost.” 

The shoes argued back, “But we’re so cute, how do you know that we won’t be gone in a few days?  When people see us, they’ll come in droves to take us away.”

The shoes won the argument.  I placed them in the cart and happily paraded around in them on New Years Eve, nevermind the fact that we spent the evening working late.  Dan had to stay at the clinic doing charts late into the night, so I brought him dinner, dressed up in my New Year’s finest.  We rang in the New Year together, with a bottle of sparkling wine to match my sparkly shoes.

I recently returned back to Target, a month after purchasing the shoes.  There, on the rack, were a line of several pairs, including my size, all marked down to 1/4 of the cost.  Part of me wishes I would have waited, but I also know that I would have missed out on my special surprise dress-up celebration with my husband.

I wonder how many of us hold off on seeking the treasures of God’s kingdom because we think they come at too great of a cost right now.  We are willing to hold off until heaven because we think it’ll be a free-for-all then. Without sin, without worldly desires, everything will just come easily.

I think that we can enjoy God’s treasures today, and to wait until we’re dead, we just miss out on the opportunity to have a whole lot of happiness.  God offers us the peace that transcends all understanding (Philippians 4:7), love beyond all measure (Ephesians 3:19), and joy that fills our hearts for now and for eternity (Acts 14:17). 

Don’t wait for heaven.  Enjoy him now.  He longs to lavish you with the greatest gift in the world:  Himself!


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  1. Whoo boy. Those are mighty cute shoes at any price, and if they fit…well, it is a miracle when shoes fit me.
    I agree with your thinking that we pass on treasure because we think the price is too high. Great mediation Amy!

  2. Cute story and excellent object lesson. Thanks.

    The shoes are quite pretty. Wear them with joy!

  3. I had something similar happen to me yesterday in DSW. A mental battle ensued and my “practical” (money-hoarding) self usually wins, but this time I walked out of the store with some really cute shoes and a handbag. I can’t wait to wear them to the glory of God!

  4. You have a knack for making great object lessons out of your experiences. The shoes are so cute – and I envy your being able to walk around in 3 inch heels. If I weren’t so tall I might try harder, but these days I opt for more comfortable fashion!

    I totally agree now is the time to enjoy life and His abundant love that He longs to give us here and now, for our own enjoyment and also to share with others. I’ve been much happier since I finally figured this out, after living most of my life in a fear-based mode.

  5. I have to admit, I had to look up “object lesson.” It’s not a term I was really familiar with. I’m grateful that you all can point out ways that I can be a blessing to you. It’s kind of neat to know that I might have a knack for something, which I never really knew had a name before. =) Thanks!

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