Magi Inspired Gift #12: Giving the Word

Today, Christmas Day, I’m posting my final magi inspired Christmas gift idea.  This whole series was supposed to be 12 gifts on the 12 days of Christmas, but after I started, I realized that the 12 days of Christmas are technically the 12 days that follow Christmas.  Whoops. 

I saved today’s gift idea for the day that celebrates Christ’s birth. According to John, Jesus is the Word made flesh.  John begins his gospel by announcing that the Word of God has come to the world to save us all: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1). 

Jesus is the Word, and the bible, God’s word, is a beautiful Christmas gift to honor him.  Many of us have several copies of the bible floating around our homes.  People across the world don’t have access to bibles, let alone their own copy of God’s precious word.  This Christmas, why not give the gift of the bible to those you love, those who have never read it before, or those who long to own their own copy.

Brother Andrew’s book, The God Smuggler, introduced me to bible smuggling and the dangers missionaries face in getting bibles to people in foreign lands.  Today, his organization continues its efforts to bring them to areas where bibles are scarce and sometimes illegal to own.  Click here to learn more about the ministry and how to contribute.

Our troops overseas are requesting copies of the bible.  Campus Crusade for Christ is meeting this need through donations to their Rapid Deployment Kit Ministry (click here to donate).

Another aspect of getting bibles to people is making sure there are translations available in their native language.  Wycliffe Bible Translators works to translate the bible into languages for unreached people groups (click here to learn more).

Have you ever stayed in a hotel room and noticed a bible in it?  Typically, it’s due to the work of the Gideon’s International Bible Society.  They provide low cost copies of the bible and distribute them all over, including hotel rooms.  I have several copies of Gideon’s pocket New Testaments that I keep in my car and hand out to people, often homeless people who come up to my car at stop lights.  If you’d like to find out more about contributing to their efforts or get inexpensive copies of the bible to distribute on your own, you can contact them through their website (click here).

Merry Christmas everyone!  Let’s celebrate our greatest gift by sharing Him with others!


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  1. China is anti-Bible, yet will be hosting the summer olympics this year. May I suggest anyone attending the game bring a few Bibles with them to hand out if possible? Just a thought…the Chinese government is already worried about Bibles coming in because of the games.
    Wouldn’t it be sad if they really had no reason to worry?

  2. I should be reading more about how the olympics are going to offer opportunities to open doors in China for missionaries. I bet they will be softening some of the typical rules. It could be a great opportunity for the gospel.

    Randy Alcorn wrote a book about persecuted Christians in China that really pulled at my heart. I had no idea how bad it was there. It’s called Safely Home, and it’s a worthwhile read. Made a big impact.

  3. Great post and ideas!

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