Magi Inspired Gift #6: Giving Medicine

We like to complain about the state of medical care here in the US.  It’s either too expensive, we demand Universal Healthcare right now, or we complain about all the hassles with Medicaid and Medicare.  Even though our healthcare system is a worthy topic to address (especially in light of the upcoming presidential election), I’d like to bring your attention to some healthcare needs that aren’t typically part of our conversations. 

Largely because I’m married to a doctor with a heart for world medical missions, my eyes have been opened to the critical medical needs outside our country.  There are parts of the world where access to items such as a Band-Aid or Neosporin could mean the difference between life and death, but sadly, such everyday American drugstore staples are scarce in these areas.  

Because I have no medical training, I’ve always wondered how I could help fight against disease and suffering in other countries.  Aside from tagging along with my husband and volunteering to hold his doctor’s bag, I’ve found a few wonderful ministry options that give the gift of medical treatment and resources to those in need. 

I’m especially excited about this gift idea.  Bright Hope International has a unique medical ministry to Africa and other areas in need of basic medical supplies.  They send “MedPacks” to these areas, filled with basic medical essentials that we all can find at our corner drugstores, and local churches assist in distributing the packs along with bibles, mosquito nets, and blankets. 

A few months ago, I sent away for my very own MedPack.  It cost only $10, and it arrived in the mail, looking just like this (unopened, of course).


Inside, I found an empty MedPack, waiting to be filled and a list of items for me to purchase and put in my MedPack.


Once I filled the box, I decorated it and affixed the return postage that they sent to the box.  My MedPack was headed somewhere in Africa, and I hope and pray that it reached someone who heard the healing message of the gospel.  Click here to learn more about sending your own MedPack.


If you don’t want such a hands-on project, there are plenty of organizations that send out medical missionaries, who could use your financial gifts as support. 

The Christian Medical and Dental Association has a wide range of medical missions projects, ranging from short-term missions to training other medical professionals overseas. You can find out more about their ministries by visiting their website (click here). 

Samaritan’s Purse, which I seem to be mentioning a lot, has a ministry called World Medical Mission, which supports short-term medical missionaries (click here to visit their site). 

If you fill a MedPack, I’d love to see pictures of how you decorate your box!  Just think of it as pretty wrapping paper for the wonderful present that you’re giving.  By the way, I can imagine that kids would really get into decorating the boxes *hint hint.*


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  1. Amy; these Magi gift ideas are so cool. I especially like the Medpack…a super gift anytime. Thanks for sharing!

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