Joy in Anxiety

This is the second to the last story in the series on Joy (here’s the original post describing my project). 

For those of you who are following along in the Bible, this section focuses on Philippians 4:2-9. 

(Click here to watch or listen to the sermon on this topic.)

I had a lot of fun with this one.  Technically, it’s 2 stories, but I’d like to think of it as the same story told from two different perspectives.  It’s closely based to the scenario portrayed in the text, but Paul doesn’t go into specifics.   I imagine what the conflict might be if Euodia and Syntyche lived in Seattle today.  My goal is to draw attention to Paul’s suggestions for resolution and also throw in some comedy while I’m at it.  By the way, none of the people represented in the story below are actual community group members of any Mars Hill community groups, especially mine! 

Joy in Anxiety part #1

“She won’t stop feeding my kids all that chemically altered food.  I work so hard to keep them healthy.  Then, she feeds them junk.  They’re turning into little chemical junkies!” 

“Have you told her how you feel?”

“Yes, but she doesn’t take me seriously.  She sneaks them genetic mutant food.  Last week, it was a pearroom, a cross between a pear and a mushroom!  The week before, I caught her giving Billy Oreos…OREOS!  They’re 100% preservatives!  Go to any landfill, and you’ll see 20 year old Oreos, perfectly composed.”

“How can Jesus help, Syntyche?”

Joy in Anxiety Part #2

“You won’t believe the hippy health nuts in my community group!  I try to be hospitable and volunteer to bring snack each and every week.  But do they appreciate it? No!  I don’t shop at the right places, or I buy the wrong stuff.  Not like I could afford it anyway.”

“Have you told them how you feel?”

“Well, it’s really just one person I can’t stand.  You should see how thrilled her kids are when they eat my food…something other than gruel for once. But she doesn’t care what I think. 

“How can Jesus help, Euodia?”


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  1. Amy, you have done a superb job with this one. You have done a brilliant job of applying the Bible to a contemporary situation. I enjoyed it.

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