Magi Inspired Gift #2: Giving Relief

I’ve stopped watching the TV news.  I can’t handle it anymore.  I only listen to the radio (in fairly short intervals) or read the news online because I get overwhelmed by all the natural disasters and general pain and suffering in the world.  Especially around Christmas, when I realize how blessed I am, I find it hard to watch people going through such hardship,

For my second “Magi” inspired gift idea (see my first post on this topic), I’d like to focus on national and international relief organizations that we can support.  By giving to these organizations, we generously bless others with what God has given us, and we glorify Jesus through our selfless service. 

One recent local disaster that has affected people in Seattle in a big way is the rampant flooding that took place earlier this month.  People were washed out of their homes and saw all their belongings destroyed in the deluge (Click here to read a news story about the damage). 

Many organizations have come together to assist with Washington’s natural disaster.  For people who live in the area, the Salvation Army has a list of several drop locations for items to donate to the flood victims (click here for the list).  If you’d like to donate money to the Red Cross to assist in this particular area, there’s a special online site for this purpose (click here to visit the site). 

If, like me, you feel saddened by the disasters you see on the nightly news, you might want to contribute to a national disaster relief organization that helps out in these sorts of situations.  In addition to prayer, it’s one way to lend a hand.  World Vision is a Christian relief organization that provides US disaster response.  You can contribute online by clicking here.  The Red Cross also offers a way to contribute to general national disaster needs through this online form.

Of course, there’s also international aid to consider, and many of these same organizations have options for contributing to disaster relief in other countries.  Here’s the page for donating to World Vision for international emergency relief (click here to visit it).   The Red Cross’s international disaster relief site is located here.

Don’t forget that many church denominations also have their own disaster outreach ministries.  The Christian and Missionary Alliance, in particular, serves many people in need through their Compassion and Mercy Associates projects, which you can donate to through this site (click here to visit the site).


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