Joy in Exhaustion

Once again, I’m writing a 100 word (or less) story on this topic of joy (here’s the original post describing my project). 

For those of you who are following along in the Bible, this section focuses on Philippians 3:12-4:1. 

(Click here to watch or listen to the sermon on this topic.)  

I wrote this story because I was inspired by my exhausted husband, who at the moment I am writing this, is recovering from a 30 hour work shift by sleeping all day and night in our bed (he got up once to eat something).  He’s a family practice resident who gets more than his share of baby deliveries, death pronouncements, and crazy questions from patients.  I’d never truly seen exhaustion until I’d seen him during residency.  Yet somehow, in the midst of it all, he remains joyful. 

 Joy in Exhaustion 

“Doctor, Mrs. Smith in 203 wants Tylenol; should I give it to her?”

“Doctor, before you leave, would you mind taking a look at this rash?”

“Doctor, sign here to pronounce time of death.”

“Doctor, little Jimmy in oncology has a lower GI bleed.”

“Doctor, sorry to wake you, but Mr. Lopez won’t stop screaming for pain meds.”

“Doctor, the baby is crowning.  Why is there no pulse?”

“Calling all doctors on service: Code Blue.”

“That’s right.  This is my calling.  Thirty hours on shift, zero sleep, and I’m ready to serve.  Thank you God for coffee.” 


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  1. Wow! A story in 100 words. Pretty tricky!

    I like this one. It sounds pretty accurate, from what I know about the life of a doctor.

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