Joy in Death

It’s time for the third installment in the Philippians story series.  This week, the topic is Joy in Death.  (Click here to watch or listen to the sermon on this topic.)

Once again, I’m writing a 100 word (or less) story on this topic (here’s the original post describing my project). 

The sermon focuses on Philippians 1:19-30, but the heart of it is found in verse 21: “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

I’ve been dwelling on stories about sickbeds a lot lately (probably what comes from being married to a doctor), so I decided to tackle death from an unconventional angle.  Perhaps the best way to think of this is “Joy in the face of death.”

Joy in Death

Her veil hides her smile.  She moves quickly, straight ahead, trying to keep in the middle of the crowd and not draw attention. 

Yesterday, she had a close call.  An armed guard saw her pause at a book display, her typical drop spot.  He’d demanded to see her hands.  She’d lifted the disguised Bible.

“What is that book, woman?” He’d snarled.

“Poetry,” she’d quickly replied.  And prophecy, and history, and Truth.

He’d let her go. But now, they would be watching. 

Today, she delivers the book, unscathed. 

Either way, live or die, she succeeds. 

God willing, she’ll return tomorrow.


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