I’ve found a new cure for insomnia.  Sometimes, I’ll try reading Leviticus, but after awhile, on my 30th trip through the book, I’m desperate for something else. 

My new method:  prayer. 

This isn’t anything new. Lots of people pray before bed.  But do many people pray to try to fall asleep?  I’m not talking about endless requests: “God, please help me fall asleep.  God, please, please help me fall asleep.”  I’m talking about some heart to heart with The Eternal One. 

I figure, as long as he keeps you awake, he must have reason to keep you praying.

Last night, bleary eyed from staying up late reading, I attempted falling asleep, but found myself thinking about all the things that I had to do the next day. 

I decided to lay my requests before God, to get the next day off my mind.  Shortly thereafter, I realized that I sounded like a spoiled little brat who calls up her parents from college and immediately launches into all the things she needs them to send in the next package.  So, I aimlessly wandered through a couple “obligatory” thanksgivings and praises, but soon, I was back to fretting about my next day.

I needed some way to focus on praying, without cracking open the Book of Common Prayer.  I can see how that would only keep me up later, since in no time, I’d be scribbling in the margins and thinking of new blog entries.

Then, I remembered an old acrostic, a mnemonic device to teach children how to pray, based on the letters in the word “pray.” 

P=Praise:  First, we offer praises to God, tell him how we’re thankful for all he’s done.

R=Repent:  Next, we confess our sins to him.

A= Ask:  This is the part I excel at.  This is where you get to ask him for things, to make requests.

Y= Yield:  Here, you yield to his will, listen to his voice, seek his direction. 

In my semi-sleepy state, I figured that a 4-point chart could rein me in, so I tried it.  I spent a long time telling God how thankful I was for all that he’s done in my life.  I can’t remember the last time I got so detailed, maybe it was last Thanksgiving, but it was probably even longer.  It felt good to dig deep and let him know how grateful I am for all the blessings in my life.

I never got to “R.”  I fell asleep before I made it there.  That’s okay, though.  Next time I can’t sleep, I’ll start all over at “P,” and I won’t mind if I don’t make it to “A.”

 “A” isn’t most important, after all.

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  1. It works and you have put it so eloquently! I often think about what I heard a speaker on the radio suggest.. the devil will always make sure you fall asleep if you start praying! It was tongue in cheek…I think! 😉 Lovely site and I enjoy your articles! God Bless and Keep You.

  2. Hi, again, Amy! I tried to leave you a thank you at your “Google Reader” post, but kept getting an error page… Wow, I have read much of your writings, visited your church, picked up a little info about Google…I enjoyed myself and will be back to visit! Great job!

  3. To our shame, it indeed does work. 🙂

    Shirley Buxton

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