Google Reader Changed My Life

I thought I’d take a moment to call your attention to a few new site features that I’ve added. 

 I’m a Google Reader addict, and I’ve decided to share the love with all of you.  In the “Blogging 101” page, I’ve added a link to teach you how to use Google Reader.  You can also access it here: .  This mini tutorial will have you using Google Reader in no-time.  Think of it as a way to read all of your blogs and news feeds (most major news organizations have RSS feeds) in one handy place.  It saves you time, and it also gives you a nice way to organize your reading material.  If you’re new to blogs, don’t let these fancy terms overwhelm you.  Google Reader is easy to learn.

Another new feature is my “Postroll.”  Similar to my blogroll, this is where I list recent posts that I’ve read (through Google Reader, of course), and I want to share them with you.  They are often thought provoking or humorous.  Not everything I post there is something that I agree with 100%, but it’s often something that really intrigued me.  You’ll find the link on the right column, but you can also click here to read it: .  You can also subscribe to this as a separate feed.  Once you set up Google Reader, add this address: to receive regular updates from my shared posts. 

Happy Reading!

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