Proud Sister Moment

 The County Fair is in full swing back home, and I’m proud to announce that my sister came home with a massive ribbon!  She won her division in digital photography in “best computerized.”  She managed to capture a bee on a flower.  The colors are incredible.  Way to go Ellen!


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    It’s now on my desktop!!!

  2. 🙂 Yeah! I was so totally surprised about the award, but sooo sooo cool! hey amy, how did you get that watermark on? it’s a super cool idea! -luv Ellen

  3. I used Photoshop, of course. You use the text tool and choose 50% gray by setting the RGB value to 128-128-128. Once you place the text over the image, you go to the layers menu and double click on the text layer, which will bring up the layer styles box. You can choose to play with bevel and emboss settings there.

    Now that I’ve shared some of mine, are you willing to divulge some of your photography secrets? How did you get those colors? What kind of flower is that? Did you stand there waiting for a bee to show up? What was your inspiration? What kind of camera did you use?

    We all want to know how to produce award winning photos!

  4. the truth is that I was just practicing on new equipment! The camera was a hand-me-down from my mom ( a very nice one indeed…cannon rebel) and I recently purchased a new apple macbook and was playing with “apature” their more sophicated (more buttons) photo software.

    For the picture, I was seeing what the camera would do for close up’s. So I went to my mom’s garden looking for a bee on a flower-after I took some pictures of a bee on this purple flower (I forget the name already) I put a few pictures on my computer and started “playing”. basically I took out all the color in the photo execpt the purple hues. I’m looking at the photo now and I still think I may have over did the purple (burnt it out). but hey, it looks like some people liked it 🙂 and I like my big ribbon too!


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