Have it Their Way

 I thought I’d start piecing away at some of the questions I’ve been getting from people on the topic of writing (or giving) your testimony.  Thanks to everyone who’s been writing me and posting questions to share with everyone!  (Click here to read my post requesting questions on this topic)  Today, let’s take a look at this question, one that was e-mailed to me on May 23rd: “Does one ‘fine tune’ a testimony to the person who is hearing it?”

This makes me think of those Burger King commercials, where they say, “Have it your way.”  Although your testimony is not a made to order meal, for the sake of a simple analogy, let’s run with it for awhile.  Each person that you share your testimony with has their own areas of interests and personal preferences, their own unique “tastes.”  Just as you wouldn’t force feed a guest food that they would hate, you want to season your testimony with the right amount of “salt,” so it’s palatable to them.  In Colossians 4:6, Paul tells us how we can season our words to appeal to the appetites of those who are listening:  “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” 

The “salt” that you use might stories about your kids, for people who are devoted parents.  It might be a testimony of God’s faithfulness when you were sick, when you’re speaking to people who are struggling with illnesses.  People crave salt.  It meets a basic physiological need in our bodies.  Different people want different amounts of salt, presented in different ways.  Think about ways to sprinkle your testimonies with salt.  This doesn’t mean that you change the facts of your stories or stretch the truth.  It just means that we learn to pay attention to the people that we’re addressing and how we might best serve them.

May I take your order?

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  1. Good advice. I am reminded of the man who answered religious leaders with the simple statement ‘ All I know is I was blind and now I can see’ Nobody can dispute the reality of what you personally experience. I echo your comments. Keep it honest, simple and remember your audience.
    God blesss you,

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