A Call for Testimony Questions

One of my current, larger writing projects is on the topic of Christian testimonies.  I thought I’d take advantage of my faithful blog reading audience to make a request for you all to ponder, and perhaps you might post a response too.  To better address my audience and figure out what people want to know about this topic, I’d like to know what sorts of questions people have about it.  So, here’s my request for you:

What questions do you have about Christian testimonies, or perhaps more specifically, about giving your testimony?

Let’s get past the obvious question that you might have: “what is a Christian testimony?”  The answer: Your testimony is a public acknowledgment of God’s work in your life.  

I’m looking for honest questions that you, my readers might have about this topic.  I want to know some practical things you want to know about giving your testimony or about the practice of Christians giving their testimonies.

Please post your questions in the comment box, below the post. It’s in tiny font, but it says “COMMENTS.”  Click on that word, which will bring up the text box, if it isn’t up on your screen already.  For those of you who are signed up to receive my posts by e-mail (available on the right hand column of this blog), you have two options.  You can follow this link: https://amyletinsky.wordpress.com/2007/05/22/a-call-for-testimony-questions/trackback/ and leave your comment there, or you can also hit reply to the e-mail and send me your comment that way. 

I’d love to try to answer some of your questions, if at all possible.  However, I make no guarantees that I’ll know the answer! 

Thanks in advance for your questions! You can be a big help to me in my writing process, as I anticipate what my audience might want to learn.  When I assign a big research project to my students, I always have them go through a similar process with their writing groups.  They ask each other questions about their topic, to help them think about what their audience might want to know.  I’m just trying to practice what I preach!

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  1. To clarify, here’s a question somebody asked me. I’ll write it here to share with you. You might have similar questions that you might want to put here in the comment box.

    “Do all testimonies have to be dramatic stories? I’ve known Jesus all my life, and that doesn’t sound as impressive as some testimonies I’ve heard people tell!”

  2. Here’s another question that somebody e-mailed me, and I thought I’d post it here for everyone to see:

    What do I tell people who respond negatively to my testimony, in particular, those who say things like, “It’s easy for you to love God because you’ve been so blessed. My life isn’t so easy.” ?

    By the way, if any of my readers want to chime in and help me out with these questions, I’m all for hearing your answers too! This one is particularly tough!

  3. Another excellent e-mailed question:

    How do I tell family members and people who are close to me about my testimony? It seems so much more difficult to share with them than it does to share with strangers or people that I don’t know very well.

    • You must not be afraid to share your life with your family, your testimony is the very truth they need to believe. Jesus says we must spead the good news, The Gospel, then go tell it every where. Besides in Ezek 33-34 we are held accountable, be your brothers and sisters keeper, show them the way home and if your life is evident then show it and tell it. Take care of the flock.

  4. Here’s another one to ponder:

    “Does one
    ‘fine tune’ a testimony to the person who is hearing it?”

  5. An e-mailed question:

    Should we worry about turning people off to Jesus by giving our testimony? Should that stop us from giving it in the first place?

  6. Anonymous Question:

    What counts as a successful testimony? Is it only based on the number of people that get saved?

  7. I have struggled with my testimony over the past years because I have trouble spending too much time on past sin, while not wanting to play down the weight and seriousness of sin, and also wanting spend the majority of time on the depth, love, glory and reality of Jesus. I guess my question is how do you not get in the way of your own testimony?

  8. Wow, some amazing questions so far! Keep em’ coming!

    Here’s another excellent question that I got this evening:

    How can my testimony be my legacy, to reach others outside the here and now of my life?

  9. What is too much for a testimony? Should it be tailored for a certain audience?

    Is it a release time to be more dramatic or draw someone to you to help?

    How “real” or deep should we be?

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